App of the Week: Authentic Weather

Authentic Weather
Publisher: House of van Schneider
Platform: Android, iOS
Price: Free!

Since getting a smart phone, I've found the one thing I'm always on the hunt for is a decent weather app. I've tried so many that I've lost count and they all fall short in one way or another. Either they're too cluttered with information or they lack basic information or there are intrusive ads or the layout is just awful. It's too much. Just tell me the fucking weather and look good while you do it.

Well, hello Authentic Weather. I didn't see you over there. AW is the most straight forward and sassy weather app I've had the pleasure of using. After finding your location, AW will give you a summary of the weather. As I write this, it says "It's fucking cloudy. You can look outside to get more information." It's very astute.

Pulling down from the top gives a little more info about the forecast in addition to the temperature. It will display the weather for today, tomorrow, and whenever. Purchasing the full version of the app unlocks the ability to add a photo (via camera) to the forecast and share it on social media.

While it doesn't have the bells and whistles of so many other weather apps, Authentic Weather also lacks all the bullshit. While it may not be the weather app I check right away, it's still the one I check most often.