App of the Week: Baikoh

Publisher: Mum Not Proud
Platform: Android, iOS
Price: Free!

Word games. Insults. A simplistic theme. Tell me, Baikoh, were you created just for me?

The premise is simple. Letter tiles fall from the top of the screen and will being to fill it up. Tap letters to spell words and clear the board. If the letter pile reaches the top of the screen, it's game over.

But, if that were all there was, it would be pretty boring. And Baikoh is not boring. It likes to punish players who misspell. It's a game that actively wants the player to lose. Different hampering abilities and tiles will fall along with the letters, that can freeze the board, block progress, and otherwise make the player's life a living hell.

To help the player along their journey, there are power ups to collect and use in each match, so it's not an entirely unfair fight. Not entirely.

As with most of the apps I recommend, Baikoh is totally free. If you like word games, give it a whirl.