App of the Week: TweetDeck

Publisher: Twitter
Platform: PC, iOS
Price: Free!

So, this isn't really an app. Not in the traditional sense. There's no official app available in either the iOS or Android stores. Instead, there's only the website. But this website kicks all kinds of ass. Especially if you're the type of masochist that finds themselves managing multiple Twitter accounts.

The idea of TweetDeck is to manage multiple Twitter accounts from one easy-to-use interface without the need for logging in and out of said accounts. So, in my case, I can track my personal account, a show account, and the network account. What's really nice is that I don't have to post a tweet from one account and then retweet it across the other two. Instead, I can check all three accounts and send the same tweet with one click.

Want to make sure you're not fucking up and sending out the perfect tweet on the wrong account? It's easy enough. Enabling verification that requires you to check a box before posting. Add in the ability to customize columns to track individual timelines, likes, messages, and so many other things and there's little reason to go back to a single Twitter interface.

It kills me that there isn't something as feature-packed and useful as TweetDeck on mobile. Granted, swapping accounts is so much easier on mobile than it is on desktop, but still, there is so much more functionality that just isn't made available through the standard Twitter app. So, if you're like me and have a whole lot to say to a bunch of people on the internet, TweetDeck is definitely something to check out.