The Burger Gourmet: Lucy's #7 Cheddar, Bacon, BBQ Burger

Lucy's #7
Location: Beloit, WI
Ingredients: Cheddar cheese, bacon, fried onions, BBQ sauce

Alright kids, you know the drill by now. New restaurant equals a burger. Though, it kind of makes it super easy when the new place is known as a burger joint.

Lucy's is not the kind of place that I would expect to find in Beloit, but then again, I'm not sure what is in Beloit. I've only traveled there for work meetings. So, when a farmer's market turns into a tasty burger, my attention is grabbed. Lucy's is a retro inspired, high class without the high price, burger joint. Complete with pin ups. It's kind of amazing.

Adding to that, Lucy's offers stuffed burgers. I'd never had one up until now. They were the stuff of legend. Fables to my childlike mind. Now, another fun fact is that one must cut open a stuffed burger to allow the cheese to cool. On one hand, the  very idea of cutting into a burger with a fork and knife is offensive. Profane, even. Conversely, I'm not a fan of burning my mouth with an $11 Hot Pocket.

Long story short, stuffed burgers are kind of amazing. They're juicy, fully of flavor, and offer an incredibly unique twist on a classic meal. The burger itself was on the smaller size, but it had the density of a dying star. Despite it's size, it was incredibly filling. I left with a filled stomach and a strong urge for a nap.

The cheese was akin to cream and blended like a smooth drink with the topics. The BBQ sauce was tangy with a rare sweetness. The bacon offered a crunch whereas the onions provided texture and flavor. Out of all the BBQ burgers I've had, this may be my favorite. So, if you find yourself in Beloit and are hankering for a good burger, pay Lucy's #7 a visit.

On the side:
The runtiest fries I've ever had. Seriously, it was bad.