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TUA 114: Dauntless

In which our hero struggles against monstrous beasts among floating isles.

Photo a Day: 2019-05-31


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Wow, it's been a really long time since I've taken the time to sit down and write out a post. One sentence in and it feels kind of good. Like maybe I should make it a habit. Huh, strange. Anywho, I've been running this site in one form or another for over a decade now. There have been highs and lows. Lots of lows. But, I keep coming back and so do you. I appreciate that, I genuinely do. It's always exciting when I check stats and see all the folks that pop in from all over the world. Sure, there aren't a lot of comments, but the fact that my content is being seen is enough for me.

Eyes Up, Guardian 009: Season of Opulence

The Season of Opulence is just around the corner. Write the Show:

TUA 113: Hacked

In which all the filth I view is about to be shown to the world. Write the Show: Twitter: @ZeroAnd09 Site: Store: Patreon:

Photo a Day: 2019-05-30


Photo a Day: 2019-05-27


Photo a Day: 2019-05-23


Photo a Day: 2019-05-22


Xur Bounty - The Hanged Man

Week eight of the Xur Bounties.

Friday Night Smite: 2019-05-10

Looks like Tall Tales is back on the menu boys! Also, fishing. Live Fridays @ 9pm CST:

Photo a Day: 2019-05-16


Photo a Day: 2019-05-15


Photo a Day: 2019-05-14


Eyes Up, Guardian 008: More to Come

The Revelry has ended, Spectral Blades has been nerfed, and Outbreak Prime returns. Write the Show: Twitter: @ZeroAnd09 Site: Store: Patreon:

Destiny 2: Xur Bounty - The Tower

With the quest finally patched, we can now view the next piece of Xur's bounties.

Friday Night Smite: 2019/05/03

Messi, Woody, and Zero take up fishing in the Sea of Thieves.

TUA 112: Mondays

In which our hero nearly breaks his finger and then pays the ultimate price. Write the Show: Twitter: @ZeroAnd09 Site: Store: Patreon:

Friday Night Smite: 2019/04/26


TUA 111: Capitalism is the Endgame

We have an online store! Sea of Thieves has fishing! I have thoughts on Avengers: Endgame! Redbubble Store: Write the Show: Twitter: @ZeroAnd09 Site: Patreon:

TUA 110: GoT S8 E3 ABCDEFG123

In which our hero does what every other person on the Internet does, and bitches about the last episode of Game of Thrones. Write the Show: Twitter: @ZeroAnd09 Site: Patreon:

Eyes Up, Guardian 007: It's Broken

Everything is broken. Quests, guns, events, everything. Everything is awful. Write the Show: Twitter: @ZeroAnd09 Site: Patreon:

Photo a Day: 2019-05-02