Photo a Day: 2021/01/26


Looked like the sky was catching fire as I left the house earlier this week. Taken in Beloit, WI.

Photo a Day: 2021/01/25

Purgatory is being stuck in a never-ending hallway of carpet and blank walls. Taken in Beloit, WI.


Photo a Day: 2021/01/22


Came across this interesting array of metal and brick while working on a basement in Harvard, IL.

Photo a Day: 2021/01/21

A couple of weeks ago we had quite the snow storm that left everything covered in frost and fog for several days. It was surreal.


Photo a Day: 2021/01/20


Again, there's something about the desolation of the Midwest that I love. I came upon this at the end of a road at the edge of town. Literally the edge of civilization.

Elkhorn, WI

Winter Bird

A practice piece done in Procreate. I rarely draw animals, but found an inspiration piece. This is the result of that.


Photo a Day: 2021/01/14


What's that? Purple flowers? You bet. Taken in Congdon Gardens in Delavan, WI.

Photo a Day: 2021/01/13


Love me some purple flowers and Congdon Gardens in Delavan, WI had some right pretty ones.

Bound in Blood

Practice practice practice. This piece is based on a shoot from the lovely Mikomi Hokina. I'm starting to experiment more with the different brushes in Procreate and am loving the results.

Photo a Day: 2021/01/12


I love me some purple flowers. I suppose I should learn their names at some point. Taken in Congdon Gardens, Delavan, WI.

Photo a Day: 2021/01/11


Now that we find ourselves in the middle of winter, I figure a little reminder of color would be due. This next series is from the Congdon Gardens in Delavan, WI.

Photo a Day: 2021/01/08


As much as I hate the Midwest, there is something about the beauty in its desolation that really speaks to me. I'll always enjoy these lonely stretches of road in the middle of nowhere. This particular spot of nowhere is just outside of Sharon, WI.

Photo a Day: 2021/01/07


A delightful door that we found in downtown Marquette, MI. It's originally gold, but I felt the black and white would help the contrast to get those details to really pop.

Photo a Day: 2021/01/06


I loved the way the sky hung over this alley. Really reminded me of the opening level from House of the Dead 2. Taken in Marquette, MI.

Photo a Day: 2021/01/05


This is the last of my series from the trip to Sugarloaf Mountain. I tried for something a little more rustic. Something akin to an old western photo.

Photo a Day: 2021/01/04


I really like the way the light dances through the trees in this one. Taken at Sugarloaf Mountain, MI.