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Resident Evil Resistance: Valerie Harmon

  Valerie was always my absolute favorite character from Resident Evil: Resistance. It's a shame that game never got the treatment it should have. STORE

Review: Futa Fix Dick Dine n Dash

Platform: Steam Release Date: 2020/12/21 Developer: Cyberframe Studios Publisher: Kupaa Studios, Critical Bliss STORY      What would happen if you suddenly woke up one day with two sets of genitals? A confusing combination that drives you mad with lust and desire? A duo that has a dynamic impact on your social and work lives? It’s a question asked and ultimately answered as we gaze through the eyes of Futa Fix: Dick Dine n Dash’s main character, Emily.      You see, Emily is your average erotic anime protagonist. Early 20s, pink hair, voluptuous body, nearly crippling self-consciousnesses, and an ensemble cast of coworkers and friends to dick down. This creates a perfect storm for all sorts of perverted goodness, of which Futa Fix Dick, Dine n Dash delivers. 

Photo a Day: 2021/04/23

  Spring is coming around up here. Every now and then I get a quiet moment to take it all in. Photo taken in Williams Bay, WI.