Fishing in Final Fantasy XIV

 One of the hallmarks of any great game is the inclusion of a fishing minigame. I may have made that rule up, but that doesn't stop it from being a great rule. There's something incredibly relaxing about casting off the set of adventuring gear and pulling up next to a stream and casting a line. My love for fishing in games began with Ocarina of Time and has now landed in Final Fantasy XIV.

Fisher is a Disciple of the Land gathering class. To begin fishing, players will need to acquire the Fisher class. This is acquired from N'nmulika at the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:7.9, Y: 14.2). All that is required is to have a class at level 1 to accept it. Like any other class, completing class quests will unlock new features and offer a plethora of EXP.

General Tips

  • Gathering will affect the rate of landing a catch. If the fishing class level is adequate for the area and the fish are still getting away, it may be time to upgrade your equipment.
  • Perception will affect the HQ catch rate. This is an important factor for leveling up quicker. HQ catches yield an additional 300% XP on top of the base XP earned.
  • Unlike bait, lures are reusable. despite being used to catch fish repeatedly, the lures can be lost. Bait like Cage Feeders are consumed with each cast.
  • Bait and lures are specific to each type of fish.
  • GP can be used for specific skills. A level of at least 600 is recommended.
  • GP is retained when changing jobs between Fisher, Miner, and Botanist. Additionally, "Truth of Forests" and "Truth of Mountains" are usable as a Fisher.
  • Conditions such as weather, Eorzean time of day, and moon phase can affect fish catch rates.
The Fisher's Guild is located in Limsa Lominsa and will be the spot for acquiring class quests. Additionally, bait and lures can be purchased here as well as at any junkmonger in the housing areas.
  • Junkmonger (Lavender Beds) x:11.7, y:8.4
  • Junkmonger (Goblet) x:10, y:8
  • Junkmonger (Mist) x:10.7, y:11.6
  • Junkmonger (Shirogane) x:10.1 , y:12.7
Culinarians and Alchemists are the two jobs that primarily make use of the Fisher's catches. Aside from fishing in rivers, lakes, and streams, the Fisher can utilize high-level fishing skills such as cloud fishing, ocean fishing, and volcano fishing.


Spearfishing is unlocked at Fisher level 61. Sumitsubo at the Ruby Sea (X:28.9, Y:15.9) will hand out the quest "A New Fishing Ex-spear-ience". Currently, spearfishing is only available in Stormblood and Shadowbringers areas as it takes place entirely underwater. Spearfishing makes use of Gigs, of which there are three different types of gig heads. Each gig head allows for catching different kinds of fish.

Ocean Fishing

Ocean Fishing is an exclusive activity available to Fishers. Taking place on the Endeavor, up to 24 players, each excursion lasts up to 60 minutes. An ocean fishing expedition takes place every two hours. Players have a 15 minute window within to register by speaking to Dryskthota at the Limsa Lominsa Lower Docks (X:3.0, Y:12.7). To participate, players will have needed to complete the quest "All the Fish in the Sea" available from Fhilsnoe in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:7.8, Y:14.5).

The Endeavor will follow a route, depending on the time of day. Dryskthota will have a schedule available for players to view. The Endeavor will move to a new spot every 7 minutes and offer an unparalleled view of the Eorzean locales. Ocean Fishing also awards EXP, making it ideal for leveling up.

This guide is meant for beginners to dip a toe into the waters of the Fisher. There are multiple in-depth guides that provide a deeper and more comprehensive guide to catch different fish. Final Fantasy XIV handles fishing extremely well and I hope this guide helps you to enjoy it as much as I do.