Preview: Lake

Lake is an upcoming slice-of-life story game from Gamious and Whitethorn Games. It is set to launch on September 1 for Xbox Series X/S and Steam.

Set in 1986, Meredith Weiss is called back to her hometown of Providence Oaks, Oregon to help her father, the local mail carrier. For two weeks she will step away from her career at a software company across the country. For these two weeks, the player will guide her in the day-to-day of delivering mail, interacting with folks both old and new, and ultimately deciding where her future may lie.

To be honest, the plot screams of a Hallmark movie special. "Watch as a middle-aged woman leaves her big-time job in a busy company to go to a backwoods town. Along the way, she'll learn a lesson about life and love." It seems to be a bit generic in that regard. 

But, I won't deny that there is an appeal to driving around the Pacific Northwest and experiencing a slower-paced story. Lake looks gorgeous with a unique look. Expect more coverage as the game is released.