Preview: Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is an upcoming interactive thriller from Luis Antonio and Annapurna Interactive. It is set to release on August 19th on Xbox Game Pass, Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Willem Dafoe, James McAvoy, and Daisey Ridley live out a traumatic evening as a couple (Ridley, McAvoy) is besieged by an intruder (Dafoe). As if this weren't bad enough, "the man" (McAvoy) is stuck in a time loop of 12 minutes. Here, he must relive the horror over and over again, unless the player can gather information about the situation and change the outcome.

It's an interesting concept backed by an all-star cast. The game is presented in a top-down fashion, giving it a heightened cinematic sense. As someone that values story above most other things in a game, I will say that I'm quite excited by this. It is implied there are numerous outcomes and ways to navigate the game, so replayability would likely be high. At $25, the price point is enticing enough. Expect more coverage once the game launches.