Project Magnum

On August 4th, South Korean developer Nexon unveiled their upcoming looter shooter, Project Magnum. Not much is known about the game at this moment, but here is a rough Google Translate of the video description:

"Project Magnum’ is the first PC and console-based multi-platform game introduced by Netgames, and it stands for the online looter shooter genre. You can enjoy a different game by adding third-person shooter combat to the RPG know-how that Netgames has accumulated."

I was unable to find any information on Nexon's site regarding the title, nor anything from NatGames, the other listed developer. Both have extensive experience working with MMOs in South Korea and Nexon handles Final Fantasy XIV for the country. There is no release date available at the moment. So, all in all, not a lot of info to follow up on a very cool-looking trailer.

The trailer shows off several images which remind me of previous games. We see a giant floating orb hovering next to a walled city in the mountains, ala the Traveler in Destiny. Then there are the grappling hooks which really reminded me of the grappling abilities in Lost Planet 2. Finally, there were the mechanical boosters that screamed Vanquish to me. I enjoyed each of those titles immensely, so to see any of their iconic mechanics/motifs make it to another game is exciting, even if they aren't direct copies.

That being said, I doubt the sphere will be as mysterious as the Traveler. It appears to be part of some antagonistic military force. Unlike the stationary Traveler, this sphere moves around and appears to be accompanied by a vanguard of mech angels. I won't speculate too much, but it does appear to be a story revolving around two military forces vying for control. 

The trailer boasts that it is using in-game footage and this would make sense as it is designed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S along with PC. It is absolutely stunning to look at. There is an absurd amount of detail in the world and character models. I am a tremendous fan of the art design and the way they meshed a sci-fi shooter with a more medieval aesthetic and magic.

While we've been burned by fancy-looking looter shooters in the past: Anthem, Godfall, Outriders, I'm still excited for this. I love the genre and would love to see something else succeed in the market aside from DestinyProject Magnum is definitely on my radar now and I'll post more as additional information becomes available.