Stray Gameplay Trailer


On July 29th, Developer Blue Twelve Studio graced us with a new gameplay trailer for their highly anticipated game, Stray. Set to be released in 2022, Stray follows the adventures of a little kitty lost in the city. Note that this city is inhabited by robots and is heavily influenced by Kowloon Walled City.

This trailer infers that said kitty may be lost/abandoned and starting the game injured. From there, they wander the streets, solving platform puzzles, normal puzzles, and generally doing cat-related activities until meeting a new friend. Said new friend comes in the form of a little flying drone named B12.

B12 appears to add a backpack of sorts to the hero kitty that he can be deployed from to aid in puzzle solving and retrieval of vending machine goodies. Being a machine, he is also capable of communicating with the inhabitants of this city. One thing I did notice was that our hero kitty's appearance changes several times throughout the trailer. Hopefully, this indicates some sort of customization system ala Monster Hunter's Palicos.

All in all, Stray looks to be an absolute delight. Look for it on PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, and PC in 2022. In fact, Stray is already listed on Steam and can be added to your wishlist. Go do it now!