Phasmophobia Exposition Hotfix


  • The DOTS Projector sound will now flicker randomly instead of when the ghost interacts with it
  • The DOTS Projector interaction will no longer produce EMF
  • Removed most house candles due to performance issues
  • Reduced the glowsticks brightness after it's one minute use time as it was too bright
  • VR: Your movement speed will no longer change based on the rotation of your controller and will now only be based on the joystick/ trackpad
  • VR: You can now grab the Journal with both hands again as well as interact with UI with your left hand


  • Fixed an issue where the Goryos strength wasn't functioning correctly
  • Fixed a bug where you could see the night vision light when wearing a head camera
  • Fixed a bug where the cameras still had the jitter post processing effect
  • Fixed an issue where the Spirit Box emission/ bloom was too bright
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on locked store equipment would stop you from buying other equipment if you were too low level
  • Fixed a bug where you could make the photo camera flash without taking a photo
  • Fixed a bug where you would get very low fps on the main menu after a game if using a gamepad
  • Fixed a bug where standing near a DOTS Projectors would stop your sanity drain
  • Fixed a spot in the Willow bathroom where you could get stuck
  • Fixed some missing translations on the main menu
  • Fixed a few areas on Asylum where the ghost could get stuck behind the wall
  • Fixed a bug where you could hold the Tripod with a camera on during a hunt and not get chased
  • Fixed and improved the gamepad navigation on the Journal
  • Fixed a bug where you would get teleported back to the van if you went out of bounds
  • Fixed a bug where graphics options were not being applied to the dead processing effects
  • Fixed a bug where sensors positions would desync in multiplayer after being grabbed from a wall
  • Fixed a bug where walkie talkie player volumes were too loud
  • Fixed a bug where your voice chat microphone wouldn't be set until you restarted the game
  • Fixed a bug where other players equipment in their inventory wouldn't drop when they died
  • VR: Fixed a bug where teleport grab wouldn't always grab objects
  • VR: Fixed an issue where it was hard to grab objects with teleport grab
  • VR: Fixed a bug where if you teleport grabbed a placed DOTS Projector it wouldn't turn off
  • VR: Fixed grab rotations for the flashlights, cameras and smudge sticks
  • VR: Fixed a bug where where you could take a photo in the truck when the camera was off
  • VR: Fixed an issue where the Thermometer text was hard to read
  • VR: Fixed a bug where you couldn't hear parabolic sounds if you held the parabolic microphone in your left hand